Early Childhood Education Intervention

Families in Detroit's Brightmoor community come
together to make a commitment to early childhood education.


An alliance of early childhood education providers in the Brightmoor community in Detroit provide a full range of prevention, early intervention and treatment services for families with young children from pregnancy through age five.  These organizations focus on the importance of a child’s earliest relationships and care providing the foundation for healthy growth and development.  Dedicated to promoting the importance of early childhood education and providing services that nurture, strengthen and empower parents & caregivers, this alliance of organizations promote positive attachment relationships and encourage the development of young children to their highest potential.


Honey Locust partnered with Project S.N.A.P.  to engage nearly 1,000 children and families from the Brightmoor community in Detroit around the importance of early childhood education and school-readiness through the Brightmoor Community Mosaic Mural Program.  This year-long initiative was led through a collaborative effort between Project S.N.A.P., community-based organizational partners (the Development Centers, Rising Advocates for Young Children, Brightmoor Childcare Quality Initiative and the Brightmoor Alliance) with the generous support of the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation.

Honey Locust designed program branding materials, created a photo-essay featuring program activities, and produced a short mini-documentary highlighting the  5’ x 9’ mosaic mural created from the artworks of community members as they expressed how early childhood education could benefit their families.