Health Insurance Literacy

Web and video behavioral intervention to boost understanding
about obtaining coverage under the Affordable Care Act.


Insuring Good Health started as a collaborative three-year initiative between several Detroit community organizations, health agencies, and University of Michigan public health research faculty.  The initiative aims to use a community-based participatory research (CBPR) approach to enhance the healthcare literacy of Detroit residents.

The primary goal of the project is to boost understanding about the advantages of health coverage and how to obtain it under the Affordable Care Act through the development of a web-based behavioral intervention.  A Steering Committee was formed that includes members from the University Of Michigan School Of Public Health, Detroit community health organizations, Michigan Department of Community Health, Enroll America, and Michigan Primary Care Association. This partnership was funded by the National Institute for Health Care Reform.


The Honey Locust team led the creative development and production of 8 animated narrative short videos addressing the challenges related to obtaining coverage and seeking care.  Honey Locust developed a creative concept, original scripts, storyboards, and animated videos depicting superheroes with super powers who face every day challenges obtaining insurance and successfully navigating the healthcare system.  Each of the videos were produced in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

In addition to developing the animated video content, Honey Locust created an interactive responsive website in English, Spanish, and Arabic featuring the animated videos and learning points related to the intervention.  Creative content incorporated feedback from the community steering committee and was designed to integrate with the the overall intervention evaluation taking place at federally qualified health centers and social service agencies.