Military & Veterans Health Awareness

Students, families, active duty military, and veterans nationwide
address the issues of military appreciation and veterans health.


Operation Proud Nation is a national program designed to promote military appreciation and increase awareness about military and veterans health.  A partnership between Ford Motor Company Fund and Project S.N.A.P., the program provides participants with the opportunity to thank members of the military for their service and commitment.


Honey Locust partners annually with Project S.N.A.P.  to engage thousands of students, teachers, active duty military, veterans, and their families in cities across the country about the challenges facing active duty military and veterans as a result of their service.  The program also focuses on military appreciation.

Honey Locust designed program branding materials, web content, and produced a short documentary highlighting the  4’ x 8’ mosaic mural created from the artworks of participants and put on public display at the Pentagon.  The documentary features participants from across the country as they share their perspective on honoring members of the military for their service and sacrifice.